Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hey Campers!! Last weekend I took a walk down memory lane. I went back to Camp Earl Anna high in the Tehachapi Mountains. It was almost exactly the same as it was in the late 70’s/early 80’s when I went to camp. Nothing has been done since I left except the store was in the process of being completely redone and the arts and crafts building was just about complete with its remodel. Other than that it was the same ole EA. The arts and crafts building had a temple in it as well as the mess hall. There were Buddhist monks walking around. They didn’t talk to us, but didn’t seem to care that we were there.

It looks like nothing has been done to the place since I was there. In one respect, that was cool because it was just as I remember it, only older. The rocks at ragger’s point were still white, but old with the paint coming off, yet still in the same shape with the white rocks. Chipped, but still white. A tree has fallen on in the middle of it. Same at Chapel. A tree has fallen on the seats, but the cross is still strong. I walked to campfire, tons of memories. I walked in the cabins and saw the bunks we slept on. Man, we were tough kids. Nothing luxury about it. Maybe that is why it is no longer. Kids today go to soccer camp and volleyball camp. They don't knock on their neighbor’s door just to play. Maybe they don't go to camp, just to hang out in the mountains.

My husband went with me on a special trip to Tehachapi just so I could see camp. I've wanted to do it for years. It would have been better a few years earlier, but any later and the monks may have it looking way different.

I have lived in Mammoth since 1989 so I wondered if it would be as pretty as it was to me back then after living in Mammoth for so long. It was. It was beautiful. We hiked up to Woody's. We started on the road we took for the Woody's sunrise hike, but then the road ended and I didn't know where to go. We went straight up the side of the hill. Does anyone remember what route we took? Then we came down the back way. Way steep. I remember hiking up that way and I don’t remember it being so steep. Does anyone know about a plane in the trees at the top of Woody's peak? We saw it this trip. I don’t remember it as a kid. We signed the book. No books left from the 70's. lol.. Woody’s didn’t even look familiar. I wondered if they just took us up the road and SAID we were at Woody's peak…lol

I did a search on the internet for Camp Earl Anna and there is almost nothing on it. I heard there was a reunion this summer. I wish now I had gone. I have such a bad memory, it would be good to reminisce with someone else, so write to me with your memories of Camp Earl Anna. Maybe we’ll meet some old friends.

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